As an endowed professor who teaches at the medical and pharmacy schools, I see what our future doctors and pharmacists are learning today. Unfortunately, the current curriculum is based little in the basic sciences, with minimal information on herbal medicines and nutritional cures. These were taught in medical schools before 1980, when many herbal medicines required prescriptions.

In this time of information overload and uncertainty, I am offering classes with information from very knowledge doctors, pharmacists and others who successfully use herbal medicine and nutrition treatments. My classes are for anyone who wants to understand their body better and improve their health. Navigating the healthcare system, medications, supplements and diets is complex and confusing. It is my mission to provide education and understanding on ancient and modern health discoveries so that you can become your own health advocate.

Featured Course

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Becoming a Health Investigator

LIVE: May 6, 2021 – 8pm EST


This 10-session course, held weekly on Thursdays at 8pm EST, gives a basic understanding of how to best take care of yourself and your family. We will review body systems, how they work, foods, herbs and supplements you can take to put your body back into balance. Click below to see an outline of what will be covered each week.


Improve Your Immune System from your Kitchen

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Did you know that 80% of your immune system is in your GI track or gut? In addition to the GI tract and probiotics in the gut, your immune system includes your red and white blood cells, bones, thymus, spleen and lymphatic system. To make the system operate optimally, it needs exercise, sleep, relaxation, plus many vitamins and minerals from foods, culinary herbs and supplements.

Why Integrative Medicine and Herbal Therapies?

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In this talk show styled course we will highlight the following:

  • What is the differences in allopathic medicine (practiced by MDs), osteopathic medicine (practiced by DOs) naturopathic medicine (practiced by NDs) and herbal medicine
  • Why plants are superior in treating infectious diseases
  • Harvard’s recent findings about inflammation
  • Recipes and remedies you can make at home.

Which Diet is the Right Diet?



We hear about all kinds of different diets today. Some diets may be good on a short-term basis to help with certain types of problems, like weight loss or carbohydrate dysfunction. Other diets may be appropriate for a long-term lifestyle changes. In this program we will explore various types of diets and discuss how each impacts health and wellness. You can discover which diet is the right diet!



Featured Class: Become a Health Investigator